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One-stop-shop for the design, prototyping, and production of next-generation glass micro-devices, circuits and bio-arrays. 

TGVs and Microdevice Products and Services

Arizona, California 

Specialists in precision laser machining and drilling of difficult applications

 California (except San Diego County)


Over 30 years of experience in multilayer ceramics (HTCC): Alumina , Aluminum Nitride

NEW: Injection molded ceramics

Arizona, California 

Repackaging of epoxies from leading manufacturers, including - Abelstik®, Epotek®, Henkel® - Bonding, Coating Encapsulating and Interconnecting

Many material in stock for same day delivery, low minimum charges.

Arizona, California (except San Diego County)


Combining Plated Copper Metallization with multiplayer Thick Films for Custom Metallized Ceramic Substrates, Chip Carriers, Hermetic Packages and Submounts. Substrate materials include Alumina, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Beryllium Oxide (BeO), Quartz, high dielectric constant materials.

NEW: Direct Bond Copper - Quick-turn, low to medium volume custom Alumina, Aluminum Nitride substrates using Curamik® Master Cards

Arizona, California 

Custom lightweight thermal management solutions, based on a family of Spray Formed Controlled Expansion (“CE”) aluminum alloys.

Arizona, California


Manufacturer of high reliability metal hermetic packages and windows for RF/Microwave, Fiber Optic, Detector, Power and Hybrid applications. Custom designs or choose from our thousands of standard tools. Wide range of housing materials, including Aluminum, Fe-Ni alloys including Invar® and Kovar®, and Steel.

 Arizona, Southern California

APA also maintains relationships with several sources of high value solutions for:

ORGANIC SUBSTRATES - click here for further details


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